Think back to you last flight, where you were sleeping, reading, eating or quietly watching a DVD on your laptop computer. This could now changes due to airline companies pushing the use of cellular phones on planes. Yeah it’s great to be able to communicate with the ground while your thirty two thousand feet, in the sky, but think how annoying it would be for the person next to you, trying to catch up on sleep after a long day of traveling.

This could be possible very soon which might scare many people that want to be away from friends, family or work while traveling on a plane. Put the blame on Qantas and Ryanair as they were one of the first airline companies that announced last year that they would be one of the first airlines testing the theory. Although after testing cell phone use on its Boeing 767, if cell phones didn’t interfere with navigational and communications systems they would let passengers bring limited cell phones aboard all of their fleet of planes. Passengers would not be able to make full calls on their planes but they would at least be able to send and receive text messages; which I think other passengers trying to relax wouldn’t mind. This is where I think that many people would get mad; Air France announced that it will also be testing cell phone use aboard a plane, and if they don’t find any cell phone interference they will allow them onboard their aircrafts. Air France doesn’t want to just allow text messaging, they want to allow full calls. Following on the bandwagon, Jet Blue; a large US Airline, announced that they might let passengers use their cellular phones to text message and check voice mail only.

In conclusion let the tests decide if cellular phones will be allowed in planes in the near future. I think that allowing text messaging is great but I do not accept of allowing full calls for the duration of flights. On select flights you can currently make calls using an Air Phone, generally found near your tray table but I think that the high prices of calls limited the use of Air Phones. One drawback is cell phone signals cannot make it from the ground up thirty two thousand feet or higher to your phone for calls, but maybe text messages would go through. Perhaps bigger and more powerful sattelites would be used, or a sub unit would be installed on the planes!

What do you think about the use of cell phones aboard a plane? I think text messaging isn’t a problem, but voice calls will be extremely annoying, while the person in the seat next to you is chatting away while you’re trying to sleep. 

 So whose gonna provide service in the sky’s first? 😛 


Just a phone?

August 12, 2007

With the influx or rather the invasion of Telecom companies in the county, one has to ponder what role this million dollar industry plays in our lives, and the lives of those around us.

Be it talkshawk or Aur Sunao, everyone from the urban elite to the rural masses has embraced mobile technology. In a way mobile phones have achieved the kind of leverage certain other things have in our lives, eg ” aaj dhood mehanga ho gya”, ” general kee chutee nahee ho rahee” and ” jazz budgets ke rate girr gaye” often go hand in hand! The reason for this personalization of the commodity lies in the very kind of product a mobile phone is; its something that is always with you, its something you use to connect with those who mean the most to you and thus, since the kind of information it delivers  affects your emotions directly, mobiles are arguably devices which make you feel good. This personal bond with a product, helps make mobile phones be a part of our lives as much as it is today.

VAS( value added services) like jokes on demand, anonymous chat, bolo sms, etc etc engulf an individual’s free time. Recent additions such as EDGE television can be relief for people stranded at the the airport or just plain bored at work.  It is not an exageration that very soon, all our needs will be met by the mobile phone.

Imagine, all remote controls being replaced by your phone. A single divice, used for opening your car, changing the airconditioning temperature, checking on some important emails, and ordering food all happening at the same time. What new features would mobile companies be offering then? What kind of role will they be playing in our lives then? And most importantly, would these advancements for an induvidual be for the better or the worse?